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Does your newly established business lack the following positions?
- You don't have an accountant and a chief accountant yet
- Do you need an accounting specialist with sufficient qualifications, experience, capacity, and expertise to carry out accounting procedures and provide advice for your business?
- You need expert guidance on using invoices and documents, making accounting books, declaring taxes, and consulting on current tax law regulations.

Difficulties in businesses declaring their taxes:

  • The current difficulties are due to frequent changes in regulations, laws, circulars, and official dispatches on tax policies. Therefore, not everyone can promptly grasp these changes.
  • Newly established businesses do not have an accountant or chief accountant and need an accounting specialist with sufficient capacity, qualifications, and experience to perform accounting tasks such as tax declarations, documents, and books.
  • Because businesses hire family members or hire outside individuals who do not have practical experience, they lack an understanding of tax laws or do not enough about tax laws, leading to errors in Tax Declaration, Tax Finalization, and Accounting.
  • Due to the strict management of the tax authorities: In the past, when there was no online tax declaration filing service, when businesses came to submit their declarations if they found errors, there were tax officials who would advise them to do it again. Nowadays, businesses declare and pay their taxes and often send declarations via the Internet, so they are often fined for unnecessary errors. And many other reasons lead to errors and risks occurring to businesses when finalizing taxes.

If the business owners are the legal representatives of the business but do not understand much about accounting or tax law regulations, our full accounting service will be the top choice for you.

PHUONG UYEN VIET NAM Joint Stock Company specializes in providing comprehensive accounting services, to help businesses save maximum costs and be assured of business development.
Tax reporting is a very important part of a business. This is the activity of declaring and submitting tax reports for enterprises at the tax administration agency where the enterprise does business. Correct and complete monthly tax reporting will create good conditions for the year-end tax finalization of businesses.


1. Tax declaration

  • Pay the annual license fee.
  • Create output invoices
  • Report monthly increase or decrease in social insurance
  • Check input invoices
  • Declare VAT monthly and quarterly to tax authorities
  • Temporarily calculate and temporarily pay corporate income tax quarterly
  • Prepare reports on the finalization of corporate income tax, personal income tax and annual financial statements to submit to tax authorities
  • Prepare final settlement reports of other related taxes
  • Notify the business of the tax amount payable when it arises
  • Support businesses in handling tax problems when explaining them to tax authorities.
  • Tax consulting, tax planning, and tax risk warning.

2. Accounting operations

  • Classify, arrange and close accounting documents
  • Determine the accounting transactions arising
  • Check input and output documents for compliance with legal regulations
  • Planning and recording documents
  • Prepare and print all types of accounting books according to regulations
  • Representing employees doing accounting for the business
  • Appoint and name the chief accountant for the enterprise

3. Tax consulting and explanation

  • Consulting support on labor, social insurance, and health insurance
  • Consulting on accounting, taxes and invoices for businesses in the content and scope of work performed
  • Work with tax authorities when required
  • Work with auditing companies
  • Work and explain to tax authorities within the scope of work performed

4. Deliver documents and submit reports

  • Receive documents from customers.
  • Submit tax reports to tax authorities
  • Report on invoice usage status


  • New Company
  • The business has not had many new developments or projects
  • It is not necessary for businesses to hire tax accountants or chief accountants
  • Timely and quick tax consulting and tax planning


PHUONG UYEN will be responsible to the Tax Authority for the tax declaration and finalization data that PHUONG UYEN has declared to the Tax Authority and shall bear the material damage caused by the declaration error. Advise businesses on daily activities related to issues of input invoices and output invoices. Balance revenue and costs so that taxes are the lowest but still within the legal framework.


  • PHUONG UYEN Business Management and Development Software Joint Stock Company has been certified by a competent state agency to fully meet the conditions for providing accounting services. When using our full accounting service, businesses do not need to hire an in-house accountant.
  • PHUONG UYEN's accounting services include bookkeeping services, tax consulting, tax reporting, tax declaration with tax authorities, tax finalization reports, and preparation of financial reports according to regulations.
  • As a unit with professional tax accounting services, we understand that laws, circulars, and decrees often change. Therefore, PHUONG UYEN's professional accounting team always promptly updates current laws and accounting regimes, bringing practical benefits to businesses.
  • Is one of the leading accounting service providers in Hanoi. With a team of accounting experts with many years of experience serving hundreds of businesses, we have a lot of practical experience and a clear understanding of the fields of Accounting, finance, and Taxation. PHUONG UYEN Business Management and Development Software Joint Stock Company will bring businesses the best full-package accounting service.
  • Save 80% of accounting personnel costs
  • Save 90% time and 70% costs when finalizing
  • On behalf of the business, explain to the tax, insurance, and audit authorities.
  • Committed to complying with the law and being responsible for the business
  • Successfully defend and explain tax settlement at any time
  • Businesses always receive notifications and advice on the latest tax and insurance laws.

With all our dedication, professionalism and best service attitude, we have been a provider of cheap, reputable full-service accounting services for hundreds of large and small customers.



Tax Accounting Full-Service

Customers will save 80% of their costs and 90% of their time when using full tax accounting services at Phuong Uyen. We provide bookkeeping services, tax consulting, tax reporting, declaring tax with tax authorities, etc. Please contact us for more details

Tax Consulting Service

Phuong Uyen provides the most optimal tax consulting services for businesses with the following services: Consulting and answering corporate income tax, personal income, and VAT policies Consulting on business establishment procedures, tax policies, tax settlement, etc.

Tax Finalization Service

Businesses do not have to work with the tax authority during the tax finalization process. Phuong Uyen commit to be responsible for 100% of problems that arise in addition to consulting if your business is examined in detail by the tax authority

Tax Refund Service

Enterprises with investment projects and export activities need to find a unit to support tax refund services. Contact us to be assisted in handling all procedures while businesses only have to pay a moderate cost for tax refund services

Accounting Record Completion Service

We provide services to complete accounting records for businesses that have an accounting system or bookkeeping system that is faulty and needs to be redone in accordance with accounting standards and legal tax documents

Year-end Financial Reporting Service

Near the end of the year, businesses often struggle with financial reporting. With many years of experience, Phuong Uyen is confident that she will solve all the problems and difficulties that your business is facing



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Address: No. 1, Alley 145/8, Thach Ban Street, Group 4, Thach Ban Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Hotline: (+84) 93 573 9868 / 968 939 529


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